Creative quarters

Inspiring spaces

Where do you feel most creative?  We asked some people who work in social services to take a picture of a space where they felt creative – here are some pictures that represents their view.

There have been various research connections into what encourages a creative environment and how this can encompass a range of psychological, social and physical elements. The research highlights that it is both necessary to be aware of the needs and associations that individuals have with their place of work, and also that personal connections and surrounding spaces influence creative ways of thinking and working.

This means that there is no such thing as a universal creative environment as creativity is inherently individual and related to our own experiences and influences. Instead, a creative environment involves a tailoring and artistry with place and people that then has the potential to come together to inspire creative thought.

Bennis W and Biederman P (1997) Organizing Genius: The secrets of creative collaboration New York: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.

  • Creative quarters

    Donald Mackinnon

    Donald is Staff Development and Learning Manager with Key Community...

    Donald by a loch with boat
  • Creative quarters

    Paul Hart

    Paul is an Interactive Developer at IRISS. space-ph-1.jpg The...

    Drovers thatched Blackhouse on Tiree
  • Creative quarters

    Ian Watson

    Ian leads the Knowledge Media programme at IRISS, and his background is in...

    Ian's study
  • Creative quarters

    Kate Dowling

    Kate is an Associate Service Designer for the Pilotlight project at IRISS...

    Kochi, Kerala
  • Creative quarters

    Michelle Drumm

    Michelle appreciates that 'art is life playing to other rhythms', whether...

    Stirling in winter
  • Creative quarters

    Claire Lightowler

    Claire is the Director of the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ...

    Bar table with apéritifs
  • Creative quarters

    Douglas Robertson

    Professor Douglas Robertson joined Stirling University's Department of...

    Messy office
  • Creative quarters

    Alison Urie

    Alison mixes a passionate blend of music, ideas, friends, thinking and...