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    We are here

    Jason Nelson, GANGHUT and lecturer in the school of Design at the...

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    Being able to explain art

    One of the projects I'm involved with at the moment is focused on end of...

    Portrait painting
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    Reconstructing ourselves

    This week I started a new project. Reconstructing Ourselves is an artist...

    Ancient sculpture of human torso
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    The sky is not the limit

    Do we limit the expectations of service users from our own ideas of what...

    Sky with clouds
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    What's the point of theatre?

    What’s the point of theatre? Who is it for? What difference does it make?...

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    Making mistakes

    We learn and grow by making mistakes. By listening, observing and trying...

    The failure hat
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    Living Voices

    Living Voices is a national two-year project that is piloting the use of...

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    The sheet of possibility

    I sat down today to write about goats, but that will have to wait for...

    Blank sheet of paper
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    Far Flung Dance

    Rhiana Laws, Inside Light, Far Flung Dance Video of Rhiana Laws,...

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    A Better Life

    A Better Life: Includem's practitioner toolkit Video of A Better Life...

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    The relevance of design research for social services

    I consider myself a bit of a magpie; a bit of a scavenger when it comes to...

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    Self determination

    In my daily work, I research new models to support disabled people. I am...

    Supporting disabled person
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    Why the arts matter

    I've always had a passion for the arts - whether it's music, visual art,...

    Painter's hand and brush
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    I’m in control, not the computer

    bite-1-banner.jpg One aspect of my job is writing the code...

    Vintage computer with operator